Warlu Jukurpa (Fire Dreaming)

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The content of the painting is Dreaming of Fire (Warlu) and motifs relate to this tradition.

During the mythical Time of Creation, the Ancestors - Japaljarri and Jungurrayi - traveled throughout the entire land of the Warlipiri tribe on a long journey and created many geographical features, such as waterholes and rocks. They then lit small fires to light the bush and taught the people how and why to do it. After burning the bush, it is easier to catch lizards and other small animals, and the ash has a beneficial effect on the regrowth of various plants. Today, the Warlpiri perform ceremonies that continue this tradition.

Paddy Sims Japaljarri presented the story using traditional Warlpiri iconography. Concentric circles mark ceremonial sites and other important places in the land where mythical events took place. The black squiggly lines represent Warlu (Fire) and flames spreading across the area. The dots in the background symbolize vegetation.