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GALERIA BIELSKA BWA in Bielsko-Biała, Poland “Aborigines, Indigenous Australians” with live music by the Czerwie quartet.

GALERIA BIELSKA BWA in Bielsko-Biała, southern Poland: "Aborigines, indigenous Australians" with live music by the Czerwie quartet. The show accompanied the openings of two exhibitions (January 12, 2024): TRACES AND SIGNS - INDIGENOUS PEOPLES PAINTING FROM CENTRAL AUSTRALIA Galeria Bielska BWA, and photography MAREK TOMALIK – AUSTRALIA – WHERE FLOWERS ARE BORN FROM FIRE Aquarium Club Cafe, Galeria Bielska BWA.

Indigenous Australian culture turns our Western notion of land ownership on its head. For Aboriginal people, it is the land that owns the individual. Moreover, some parts of the landscape exert a metaphysical magnetism, drawing people in, even from a great distance. There is a deeply rooted transcendental obligation to return here. Otherwise, the inner self withers and dies. Walkabout, the spiritual journey of Aboriginal people in the desert, is the equivalent of a pilgrimage, a rite of passage. This is the mythical, ancient land of the First Peoples, red sands, desert singing paths, strange creatures, endless plains, and unusual vegetation. The Totemic Ancestors did not create the world through spells, but through their actions. At the same time, they were part of it. Indigenous Australians feel they are an integral part of nature, and not like most whites - superior to an animal, plant or rock. &


“You alone have left nature and made civilised laws. You have enslaved yourselves as you enslaved the horse and other wild things. Why, white man?” – Kath Walker Oodgeroo (1920-1993), Indigenous Australian poet and activist, who was quoted by Marek Tomalik today.

Before they began their verbal journey, the Czerwie quartet gently and long weaved a musical prologue to breathtaking photos of nature and the starry sky of the Antipodes. Then we followed Tomalik's voice as if it were a narrow path on which we – white people – did not feel comfortable. We followed the Song from which we could not break away. Tomalik shared his admiration for the culture of Indigenous Australians, their respect for nature, rock art and philosophy of life.

He also talked about how Europeans treated this culture. In 1788, 20 years after the occupation of Australia by Captain Cook, approximately 1,000,000 Aborigines lived on the continent. In 1900 - 90,000. In 1967 they were removed from the "Book of Fauna and Flora". It was not an easy song.

Radek Łabarzewski – Themersons Center of Culture and Art in Płock (2023)


CZERWIE Quartet – coming from the mountains of southern Poland, this is one of the best Polish bands playing live music for silent films. They propose alternative sounds bordering on jazz, ethno, absurdist scenes, theater and film. They composed music and played for many theater, film and art projects, as well as many silent and documentary films. They performed in Poland, Hungary, Scotland, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. They were named one of the best performers at The Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Edinburgh, the largest silent film music festival in Europe..

Marek Tomalik

Marek Tomalik – Traveler, press and radio journalist, geologist by profession. An enthusiast and expert in Australia, where he has been visiting systematically since 1989. Organizes expeditions to the Outback. Creator and organizer of the 23rd edition of the "Three Elements" Travelers' Festival and many other artistic events. Manager of rock bands. He writes about travel and music. Regular collaborator of National Geographic and Jazz Forum. Author of books about travel. Two-time winner of the Colossus Awards, Polish travel Oscars. Currently, he has his own travel show on RMF Classic radio. Australia is his "place on earth", but he always returns to the Beskid Mountains. Author of three books about the fifth continent: "Australia, my love", "Lady Australia" and "Australia, where flowers are born from fire".

Attendance list:

  • Art Naiff Festival - the largest festival of naive art in Europe (Katowice-Nikiszowiec, Wilson's Shaft)
  • Wachlarz Festival – Wrocław Opera House
  • Geographic Picnic in Tarnów
  • Cultural Center – Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Stary Fordon – Town of Art – Bydgoszcz
  • National Center of Polish Song – Opole
  • Żagań Palace of Culture
  • Land Art Festival – Babiogórski National Park (Zawoja, 750 m above sea level)
  • InNowica Theater Meetings – Nowica, Beskid Niski
  • Themersons Center of Culture and Art in Płock
  • Bielański Cultural Center in Warsaw
  • Halszka Cinema – SzOK – Szamotuły Cultural Center
  • Żnin Cultural Center
  • 15. ADRENALINIUM MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL, Janosik Cinema, Żywiec
  • Culture and Promotion Center in Brzeźnica
  • Municipal Public Library in Mogilno
  •  Aquarium club café, Galeria Bielska BWA
  • Oświęcim Cultural Center
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