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Ryszard Bednarowicz & Marek Tomalik & Julianna Bednarowicz

Richard Bednarowicz

He studied cultural studies at the Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. In 1982 he settled in Australia, where he obtained a B.A. degree in art history from the University of Queensland and an M.A. diploma from the Faculty of Art History at the University of Melbourne.

He currently lives in Alice Springs. He is the author of the book "Aboriginal Art", which enables understanding the work of Indigenous Australians, as well as catalogs and articles about their art.

Organizer and curator of exhibitions of Polish posters and graphics in Australia. Curator of Aboriginal art exhibitions in Poznań, Warsaw and Szczecin. He promotes the art and culture of the First Peoples of Australia both in Poland and Australia. He is an undisputed authority in this field.

Julianna Bednarowicz

She graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Koło and studied pedagogy and art at universities, with a diploma in art education, teaching specialization with a master's degree at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Toruń.

Organizer of open-air events and curator of exhibitions in Europe, including: in Germany, Hungary. Since 2004, she has been living in Alice Springs, where, together with her husband, she is involved in the culture and art of Australian Aborigines.

Author of exhibitions in Australia, including Melbourne in 2015 at the Pol Art Festival, where she exhibited a series of portraits created in cooperation with the First Nations artists depicted in the paintings, who painted their stories in a designated part of the painting.

Lynette Granites Nampijinpa & Marek Tomalik, Todd River near Alice Springs

Marek Tomalik

Traveler, press and radio journalist, graduate of geology at Jagiellonian University. An enthusiast and expert in Australia, where he has been visiting frequently since 1989.

He organized 16 expeditions to the Australian Outback, 23 editions of the "Three Elements" Travelers' Festival and many other artistic events. Collaborator with National Geographic and Jazz Forum. Author of books and reports. For 15 years he hosted the travelers' program "Globtroter" on Radio Kraków. Two-time winner of the Colossus Travel Awards. He has been leading the "Bright Side of the World" travel program on RMF Classic radio for 7 years.

Author of four books about the fifth continent: "Australia, my love", "Lady Australia", "Australia, where flowers are born from fire" and "9 FIRES". Mark's website:

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The paintings from our collection come first-hand, directly from artists we are friends with, who are among the most important in Australia.


Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity along with a description of the artist, his work and a photo of his painting.


Embark on a journey through space and time, through endless desert spaces, to the sources of the oldest civilization in the world.

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