Two Man and Bush Yam Dreaming

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The painting shows the Dreaming of Two Men and the Wild Potato Yam and motifs associated with this tradition. In the mythical era of the Time of Creation, the Ancestors of the Two Men left their camp to hunt kangaroos and other animals. These ancestors were fully initiated men, carrying spears, boomerangs, clubs and ceremonial items. From them, the Warlpiri community learned to hunt, gather food, perform ceremonies, and make fire. Lynette Granites Nampitjinpa presents this story using the traditional iconography of her tribe. Ceremonial places are represented by concentric circles. In the centre of the image, "u" shapes represent the encamped Men. Next to them are shown spears, woomeras (spear throwers) and shields. At the top and bottom, camping women are depicted with digging sticks and coolamons (vessels traditionally used by Aboriginal women to carry water, fruit, nuts, as well as to cradle babies). They cook yams. The dots in the background indicate vegetation.