Yarla Jukurrpa (Yam Dreaming)

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The painting tells the story of the Yam Dreaming, belonging to the Jakamarra/Jupurrula men and Napurrula/Nakamarra women. Yarla, the Ancestor of the Bush Yam, battled the Ancestor of the Wild Carrot during the Time of Creation but lost the battle at a place called Jumurrpa, west of Yuendumu.

The Ancestor of the Bush Yam then went underground and transformed into the edible vegetable known as Ipomoea costata, also known as bush potato. These fibrous tubers are found near waterholes and dry riverbeds. They are a staple bush food, soft and tasty when cooked.

Bessie Sims Nakamarra depicts this legend using traditional Warlpiri iconography and colours. Curved lines represent the roots of bush yams but can also be associated with the ceremonial patterns (Kuruwarri) of Naparrula and Nakamarra women. Concentric circles between the lines represent bush yams, while other circles have multiple meanings and may represent waterholes, wildflowers, or ceremonial sites. Dots in the background signify vegetation and the topography of the area.

Bessie Sims Nakamarra was respected among the Warlpiri People for her traditional knowledge and artistic creativity.

Her works are part of Australian and international collections.