Two Man Dreaming

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The painting depicts the Dreaming of Two Men with a graphic motifs related to this ceremony.

At the Time of Creation, the Ancestors of the Two Men left their camp to hunt kangaroos and other animals. These ancestors were fully initiated men, carrying spears, boomerangs, clubs and ceremonial items. The Warlpiri People learnt their hunting skills, how to gather food, perform ceremonies, and make fire from them.

Lynette Granites Nampitjinpa presents this story using traditional Warlpiri iconography. Ceremony locations are represented by concentric circles. The "u" shapes in the center of the image represent the men camping. Next to them are shown spears, a woomera (spear thrower) and a shield. Boomerangs, hair ropes used in ceremonies, spears and shields are graphically depicted in the upper and lower parts of this image. The dots in the background represent vegetation.

The artist is an Aboriginal Elder who enjoys authority because of her traditional knowledge and artistic work. Her works are included in Australian and international collections.