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Tingari Cycle

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The painting shows motifs related to the country around Lake Mackay (known as Wilkinkarra to the Pintupi People). During the mythical Time of Creation, a group of Tingari men wandered this country. The Tingari were Ancestral Beings who performed rituals, taught the Pintupi people about the laws, and created landforms as they traveled through the desert. They were also responsible for the initiation ceremonies of young boys at specific locations. Due to the sacred/secret nature of the subject, the full meaning of this image cannot be revealed.

The artist presented this story using simple shapes built with broken lines. The concentric circles in the centre of the image represent waterholes, the squares symbolise songlines, and the dots represent people searching for water. His palette, like most Pintupi artists, is limited to earth colours: black, white, yellow and red.

The artist was born around 1960. He and his family led a traditional, nomadic lifestyle on the west side of Lake Mackay until 1984. They were "the last nine Aboriginal nomads" to come into contact with Europeans. His brothers, Thomas and Warlimpirrnga, are also renowned artists.

Walala Tjalpaltjarri, like his brother Thomas, is now an Elder respected for his traditional knowledge and artistic achievements. His works are included in Australian and international collections.