Possum Dreaming

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The painting depicts the Story of the Possum (Jangangpa). In mythical times, the Ancestors of the Janganpa Men wandered through the land inhabited by the Warlpiri people. Janganpa men carried their hunting weapons (boomerangs and spears). Their lower parts of their bodies were covered during the ceremony with majardi - aprons made of human hair. As they traveled, they created many geographic features in the area; they also performed ceremonies (dancing, singing and body painting). Then they turned into possums.

The owner of this Story was Wilfred Nelson Jupurrula, husband of Kathleen Martin Nungurrayi, who received permission from him to present it. In the painting, the ceremony sites are represented by concentric circles. Wavy vertical lines symbolize the trails traveled by the Ancestors. The "E" shapes represent possums, or more precisely, the traces of these animals left in the sand. The wavy lines on either side of this image represent the hair strings that are used to make majardi aprons for this ceremony.

Kathleen Martin Nungurrayi (1974–2021) was considered an extremely talented artist. Her intricate dotting and the mixture of different shades of yellow make her paintings very characteristic. The artist's works can be found in Australian and foreign collections.