Flying Ants Dreaming

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The painting depicts the Dreaming of Flying Ants and the motifs associated with this tradition. During the mythical Time of Creation, the Two Ancestors of Men wandered around Yuendumu. During their journey, they hunted and performed ceremonies - they danced, sang and painted their bodies. They then went underground and turned into flying ants (termites).

Lynette Granites Nampitjinpa rendered this legend using traditional Warlpiri iconography. Concentric circles represent the ceremony sites as well as the sand hills. The wavy lines represent the Ancestors' migration routes and the underground ant tunnels. Oval shapes outside the wavy lines and circles represent ants. The "u" shapes represent the encamped Men; next to them are shown spears, a shield and a woomera (spear thrower). The dots in the background indicate vegetation. The artist is an Aboriginal Elder who enjoys authority because of her traditional knowledge and artistic work. Her works are included in Australian and international collections.