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Helen's paintings depict her grandmother's country - the brilliant azure desert sky, the eastern MacDonnell Ranges, and the abundance of vegetation and wildflowers that spring up after the desert rains.

Helen Rubuntja

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    Dimensions: 86 x 200
    Author: Helen Rubuntja
    Helen Rubuntja

    Bush Seeds – Water Dreaming

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    Helen Rubuntja – Bush Seeds – MALA ART GALLERY
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    Dimensions: 87 x 96 cm
    Author: Helen Rubuntja
    Helen Rubuntja, In stock

    Bush Seeds

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Helen Rubuntja (born 1965)

She was born on the Amaroo farm. Her mother is Nelly Rubuntja Apetyarr, another artist from the Ampilatwatja people. Helen is the niece of renowned painter and key figure in the land rights movement, Wenton Rubuntji.

Wildflowers are colorful and delicate and may only bloom for a short time. The taller trees with hanging green leaves are desert oaks that add variety to the landscape year-round. Helen's style is a combination of the Western way of viewing landscape, but with the addition of dots that have become synonymous with Aboriginal art. They provide a little window, a moment in time, back to Grandma Helen's country.

Margaret's mother is the sister of the father of the famous Gloria Petyarre, and Ada Bird Petyarre, and more noteworthy, was the sister of the late Emily Kngwarreye, the famous Utopia artist. Its themes include "The Dreaming of the Honey Ant" and "The Dreaming of the Mountain Devil." or just lots of moving brush strokes giving the impression of moving leaves in the desert. She is a self-taught artist living in Alice Springs with her husband Tommy Johnny and three daughters.

Helen Rubuntja


The paintings from our collection come first-hand, directly from artists we are friends with, who are among the most important in Australia.


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Embark on a journey through space and time, through endless desert spaces, to the sources of the oldest civilization in the world.

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