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Paddy was born at the site of Kunjarra (Mt. Niker) northwest of the settlement of Yuendumu (established 1946). For many years he and his family led a nomadic lifestyle.

Paddy Sims Japaljarri

Paddy Sims Japaljarri

(1917 - 2010)

He painted many mythical stories that took place in this area in the Dreamtime, especially the stories of the Milky Way. This ceremony took place at night and was associated with the initiation of young men and belonged to the sacred and secret sphere.

Concentric circles symbolize ceremonial places, and white large dots, stars. The ceremonial poles, in the center of the painting, are depicted as straight lines. The wavy lines on the edges are vines tied to the calves of initiated youths.

In 1988, Paddy took part in an exhibition at The Centre Pompidou in Paris. His works are sought after by museums and art collectors. He signed his paintings with a cross.

Paddy Sims Japaljarri – MALA ART GALLERY


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