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The paintings refer to her Awelye Dreaming and are relevant to the ceremonies and rituals that form the basis of the artist's culture. Painting is in her blood, she has a number of renowned artists in his family.

Margaret Scobie N

Margaret Scobie N

Born 1948 at Woola Downs, Northern Territory. An artist from the Anmatyerre people, from the country of Adelaide Bore (in the Utopia region). For most of her life, she painted stories on her body before ceremonies and on ceremonial objects. She learned body painting designs by applying paint to the chests, breasts and arms of women who participated in the ceremony.

She currently lives in Alice Springs with her husband Tommy Johnny and has three daughters and one son, as well as three grandchildren. She is related to many respected artists.

Gloria Petyarre is her cousin and Emily Kngwarreye is her aunt. Both with successes at home and abroad. Her topics include desert spinifex grasses and bodypainting. Her paintings are inspired by body painting motifs that are used during important women's ceremonies. She paints using a wide range of colors.

Margaret Scobie N


The paintings from our collection come first-hand, directly from artists we are friends with, who are among the most important in Australia.


Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity along with a description of the artist, his work and a photo of his painting.


Embark on a journey through space and time, through endless desert spaces, to the sources of the oldest civilization in the world.

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