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Jill's features several Dreamings in her works, including Bush Yam, Bush Potatoe, Arnwekety (Conkerberry), Ntange (Seeds), and Awelye (Ceremony and Women's Business). Jill also paints landscapes, depicting her country through an intricate pattern of dots.

Jill Kelly Kemarre

Jill Kelly Kemarre

Jill Kelly Kemarre (Jill Kamra Kelly) was born in 1959. Her father's country is Irrwelty, located in the Alyawarre lands, north of the Utopia region of Central Australia. Jilly is from the Alyawarre people and also speaks Arrente and English. Jill is also the cousin of emerging Aboriginal artist Abie Loy Kemarre. Jill has been painting for about ten years and has worked at Delmore Downs Farm and the Amperlatwaty Art Center (north of the Utopia region). In 2001 and 2002 her work was exhibited with DesART in Sydney and Melbourne, and in 2007 and 2008 she participated in numerous exhibitions in Australia.

The Bush Potato Dream was given to her by her father. In her works, she depicts the vast and complex root system of wild potatoes that spreads throughout the earth. Potatoes grow as roots in the soil, and as they grow, women will use digging sticks to locate them. Potatoes are often harvested in coolamons (wooden vessels) and then cooked on hot coals underground

Jill currently lives with her husband and family in Irrerlirri, Atitjere Country, near the Harts Range community. Jill is a teaching assistant at a local primary school and also paints at the local Atitjere Art Centre.

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