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Joylene's work primarily includes representations of her country in "Women's Tingari" and women's sacred sites between the Kintore and Kiwirkurra communities in the Western Desert of Central Australia.

Joylene Reid

Joylene Reid

She is a Pintupi artist from the Tjukurla community in Western Australia, born in 1971. She comes from an artistic family, her parents are Walangkura Napurrula and Kalara Tjapangarti. She grew up in the Ikuntji settlement in Haasts Bluff. In 1981, Joylene returned from the community to Tjukurla, eventually settling there a few years later between Tjukurla and Kintore.

Her people performed important ceremonies at these places and told stories of traveling ancestors who in the past gathered at these places to rest, sing, and dance. The colors Joylene chooses tend to reflect more traditional pigments. Her sense of design and movement demonstrates the close connection between the images she paints and the landscape.



The paintings from our collection come first-hand, directly from artists we are friends with, who are among the most important in Australia.


Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity along with a description of the artist, his work and a photo of his painting.


Embark on a journey through space and time, through endless desert spaces, to the sources of the oldest civilization in the world.

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