Women’s Story – Bush Tucker

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This paining depicts "Women's Story - Bush Tucker Dreaming". In the Dreamtime (Creation Time) Ancestors though Pintupi people how to collect food and perform ceremonies. They also gave Pintupi people lows and customs. During the summer time women, accompanied by children collect fruits and perform ceremonies - reinforcing their connection to the land. They also paint their bodies with designs, sing and dance.

Marcia has depicted this story using traditional Pintupi colours and iconography. Concentric circles represent sacred women's places, such us rock holes and other Creation sites from the Dreaming. The center of this painting shows women. "U" shapes stand for women collecting bush food - sweet potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, etc. Bend lines with "U" shapes on the ends symbolize women collecting and grinding bush tobaccos. The rainbow like shape represents naked women dancing for man and big "U" shapes stand for rocks and sand hills.

The country is seen from aerial perspective and portrays the seasonal changes of the plant in various stages of growth.

Marcia's works are represented in Australian and Overseas collections.