Water And Two Man Dreaming

3 900 


The painting depicts the Story of the Time of Creation (Dreamtime): the Rain and the Two Men and the signs associated with this ceremony. During the Dreamtime, the Rain Ancestors (Ngapa) traveled through the Warpiri country from north to south. The Rain Ancestors created people from small clouds until they got tired of it, so they set up camp in the sky. Soon, large rain clouds covered the sky and fell violently to the ground accompanied by lightning, creating torrents of water.

Lynette Granites Nampijinpa presented this story using traditional Warlpiri iconography. Concentric circles symbolize the ceremony sites as well as the sand hills. The wavy lines represent the Ancestors' migration paths and flowing water and lightning. Oval shapes outside of wavy lines and circles indicate clouds. The "u" shapes represent the encamped Men; next to them are shown spears, shields and woomers (javelin throwers). The quarter circles at the top and bottom represent a rainbow. The dots in the background indicate vegetation

Lynette is respected senior women in regard to his traditional knowledge and aristic creativity. Her works are represented in Australian and Oversease collections.